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Jul. 28th, 2014 • Share Premalink


Michael & Marisa have been working on their debut album with Executive Producer C.J Abraham (The Super Chris) over the last year and half working with some of the most talented songwriters and producers in the business. Michael co-produced several tracks with lead producer DreZa (Daughtry, Gavin Degraw, Victoria Duffield, SONUS) along with several guest producers, writers, and musicians including Johan “Jones” Wetterberg, Deleasa, Kevin Jonas, AMMO, RedOne Productions, Eddie Ellis, Bean, Scott Bennett, Joe Finger, Josh Peck, Paul Peterson, Ricky Peterson, Marty Meisner, and David Campbell.

Early this Summer they have been putting the finishing touches on their live show with Music Director, Marc Delcore (Britney Spears, Usher, Gwen Stefani) in preparation for their Summer and Fall engagements.

This week they prepare to go to Las Vegas to finish the final song of the album, Inner Painting with award winning arranger, David Campbell, including a full orchestra score, 120 member vocal choir and featuring their Music Director, Marc Delcore, on Piano.

As usual, The Super Chris has graced many of the productions with his lush vocal arrangements, horns, and orchestral adornments giving the project his signature musical abundance trademark sound, all while reinforcing the genuine nature of the final product agreeing that Michael & Marisa play as many of the instruments featured as possible, including guitars, keyboards, drums, bass, and much of the super-pop sound design layered between the clever lyrics the duo crafted from their view of life, love, and the pursuit of their dreams.